The hunt for the Blood-Boar![Saphira, Lieriel and G.F.P.A only!]

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The hunt for the Blood-Boar![Saphira, Lieriel and G.F.P.A only!]

Post by Javier Cross on Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:41 pm

This is the tale in which a Jarhead, Johnathan Snyder, goes to take up arms against a renegade Military Experiment-gone-wrong, as he was going to get assigned to take only a few volunteers with him, as the beast would be descended from the Calydonian Boar that was slain by a group of Heroes, in which Atlanta, one of Artemis' Huntresses, delivered the final blow herself, to the ancestor to the mutated boar.

Johnny was already thinking of how to deal with the matters of his life, as he was already getting terrifying visions of himself being killed in increasingly gruesome fashions, whether it was by the hand of beasts and demons, or by the hands of Devesti, himself.
What he doesn't know, is that his superior officers were going to send him on a task to locate the site where the escaped Military Experiment that went wrong is meant to be held, and then to contact the strike force as soon as possible.

Before that time, while everyone else goes to get ready, his officers go to give Johnny at least 1 week to spend with anyone he wishes, before he got started on the process, and with that in mind, he picked Mia to join him as they go hit either the pools or the beaches.

At that time, everyone else with Johnny and Mia's strike force is to prepare for the hunt ahead, as soon as possible, as they go to gather their hunting rifles and other weapons finally set up so they can train with said weapons.

Whether or not the success or failure of the strike force occurs is entirely up to you!

Name: Johnny Snyder
Species: Human Soldier
Appearance: 6-packed Brunette with a military haircut!
Personality: Is normally quite friendly and fun to hang out with, Unless you royally ticked him off, in some way!
Family: A family of 2 parents and a dozen siblings.
Plans: Resolve everything between him and Mia in the 1 week, and survive the hunt long enough for him to trust medic
Weapons: The Sword, Neptune, and two Upgraded Uzis.
Faction: U.S Military[the 501st Division!]


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Re: The hunt for the Blood-Boar![Saphira, Lieriel and G.F.P.A only!]

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:38 pm

Here is where Helena gets tested the most. Having suffered from anxiety, where she had irrational thoughts of her own death, she now knows that it is all about the power of the mind, and now has excellent mind control. She fears loosing her love, as Catherine of Aragon lost Prince Arthur of Wales (no way was she a pure Queen of England!) and is known as "Anne Boleyn" to her in-laws, as she is heavily ambitious now and will not let anyone or anything stop her from getting what she wants.

She enjoys singing, being a classically trained soprano.

Being a soprano will come in handy, as she sings when warming up for the upcoming battles.
Now she must go train, with her bow and arrow, and sword.

Name: Helena Cross
Species: Human warrior
Appearance: Pippa-like with black ringlets and violet eyes
Personality: Knows who to stay away from.
Family: An identical twin sister named Freya.
Plans: Live, love, laugh and be happy with Freya.
Weapons: Bow/ Arrow/ Sword.
Faction: She and Freya serve themselves, and work with friends in the US Army.


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Re: The hunt for the Blood-Boar![Saphira, Lieriel and G.F.P.A only!]

Post by Isabella Black on Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:36 pm

Here, Mia realized hat she wants to get away from being a goddess and be mostly mortal again for a week. Her mother, Aphrodite, gives her a week to have no goddess duties. She wants to hand out with old friends so looks up Helena and is found by Cross.

Mia is a mezzo soprano, and not classically trained but loves to sing and knows alot of what she calls "Singlish." She only sings when nervous, or asked to.

Name: Mia Riktor
Species: half-goddess-turned-full-Goddess
Appearance: Blonde ringlets and grey eyes, beautiful, but likes to frown alot
Personality: Flirty, sexy, but gets angry easily, looks down on men, likes to fight
Family: Goddess sisters, not close to any of them
Plans: Have fun for a week
Weapons: Magic, bow and arrow
Faction: Zeus is KING!

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Re: The hunt for the Blood-Boar![Saphira, Lieriel and G.F.P.A only!]

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