The Emergency Allied Union of Planetary Beings' Mother's Day

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The Emergency Allied Union of Planetary Beings' Mother's Day Empty The Emergency Allied Union of Planetary Beings' Mother's Day

Post by Javier Cross on Sat May 01, 2010 1:57 am

Because i recalled something about how it was said that Aphrodite of Cyprus was Queen Guinevere's ancestress-in-law, i figured it is all the more reason to be ready to reveal what i discovered about the following events in the Role-Play, as here it is, in the following.

Because of the recent events in which the Cross family recognized that Kyle Perry was nowhere to be found for the past few months, no matter how hard the 501st searched for him, the Cross brothers failed to gain much meaningful sleep, as they were still busy trying to deal with mother's day, as the Cross brothers recalled from Raven's Branch of the Alvizu tree on how the Alvizu Sisters meant to do more than merely just bring their mum gifts, but also to spend time with their family in both the Alvizu tree and among their half-siblings[while Mina goes to help Zory and Ashely deal with matters about their mother!] and as a result, the 501st would await the main commands from Officer Siegfried on what to do, other than to celebrate Mother's day while continuing the search for Kyle.

Tiresias, however, has personal demons to deal with, and Diomedes Dienikes meant to go and find a way to help his mother when it comes to his family, as Dio meant to bring his mum some meaningful gifts, as Diomedes just kept recalling something about Arthur Pendragon's many quests in Europe, including but not limiting to how Arthur, a descendant of the man Dio's ancestral namesake nearly killed during the Trojan War[who was Mina's half-brother, Aeneas of Troy!] once met the original Diomedes, and how Arthur left some sort of weapon meant to be used, in the future.

Regardless, the same group of assassins who are out to go after the Alvizu tree and Zory and his companions, appear to be seeking out this weapon, as it became quite clear to Lance that he must order a party to be ready to seek the weapon out, whatever it is!

This is the tale of this mission!

Name: Mina Lavinia Alvizu
Species: Olympian Demigoddess[a daughter of Aphrodite] Sorceress, and Esper

The Emergency Allied Union of Planetary Beings' Mother's Day Wallcoocom_Anime_girl_2001

Personality: flirty and normally clear-thinking, loyal to her family and friends, and quite hardy.
Family: dozens of half-siblings from Aphrodite, Mother: Aphrodite, Full siblings: Miranda Creusa and Elissa Dido Alvizu, Father: Raymond 'Raven' Alvizu, Great[insert how many greats!] Grand-Nephew Arthur Pendragon, Ancestor for Raven's Branch, due to Spartan Blood: Hercules!
Weapons and Gear: Willow Wand 12 inches, Amata the Celestial Bronze Xiphos, Nemean Lion armor that she shares with Zory.
Hair:Silver, usually long, generates imagery of starlight at night.
Eye color: normally inconsistent, but are currently either Ruby red or Sapphire Blue.
Skin tone: Banana-Milky skin, although she might have moved as gracefully as the seas, actually, from either her mother's side or her father's grandmother's side.
Height: 6'3''
Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Age: 17-going-on-18

Bio: Its been a few months since Mina decided to have Zory for her boyfriend, again, as their relationship began to resume[even though there's still some flaws, like the fact they need to be more open with each other as to whether or not they are flirting with people of their respective genders or not and need to be smart about it!] as well as when she finally found out about the revelation in which it was said that King Arthur Pendragon turned out to not only be a descendant of the half-brother she looked up to, the most, Aeneas of Troy, but also the very same man whose family helped to bring to the European Pantheons of Immortals, including the Olympians, a common cause to follow, and a reason to be more trusting of each other[or at least an overall way to develop a grudging respect for each other, although Wayland and Hephaestus may be friendly rivals, though!] as Mina recognized that Arthur and his knights might have hidden secrets from the people of today, as the 501st was meant to investigate the matter.

Mina was born in Greece, to Raymond Alvizu of Sparta[Veteran of the ending days of the Cold War!] and Aphrodite, who went under the guise of Gwen Fay, a persona that was said to have connections with her descendant-in-law, Guinevere of Camelot[King Arthur's wife, since King Arthur was descended from Aphrodite's womb, through her prototypical half-mortal son!] the more Mina and her sisters thought about it, but it wasn't until the time Zory came back that they began to connect the dots together.

Now, Mina and her father's branch, along with her classmates with her father are aiding Zory and Company, while also taking care to bring gifts to their mothers whenever they can do so, despite the fact that Zory's her blood-uncle, now, and is 3 years older than she is.

She and her family are Eastern Orthodox Christians, so they're more considerate of the matters of ancestry when it comes to everyone else.

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