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The Warriors of Destiny! Empty The Warriors of Destiny!

Post by Javier Cross on Sun Nov 21, 2010 2:34 pm

There is no Melinoe in this role-play, there may be an Athena, and its debated if Mia is Peitho, herself, or just an extremely powerful daughter of Aphrodite who likes and enjoys having sex with guys so much, she got even more powerful!
The rest of what may occur would ultimately be up for grabs, including but not limiting to, foreshadowing of the events of The Lost Hero that will occur 3 months after the role-play's done!

It has already been 3 years after the destruction of the Godking Voldemort, as Shacklebolt gets instated as the minister for magic with Harry(Commander Cross' maternal cousin by the same Peverell ancestor!) still training to be an elite Auror among Aurors, and roughly 3 months after the second fall of the Titan King Kronos, as World War 3 was averted, and the Half-Blood Campers were granted honors of War Veterans(despite having Titan-War syndrome, like in Mina's case!), as the grand army of Olympus was newly-forming, while many in the Paranormal Magical Division(an armed paramilitary organization!) were recently assigned to help train the grand army's main forces outside of Camp Half-Blood, in case another class 3 crisis should break out, to prevent escalation towards Class 5.

It has been of recent news that an army of Snatcher/Death-Eater/Magi-terrorist remnants not lead by Zory's father and his allies, have recently attacked and destroyed most of Hogsmede, leaving the dead defenders in the low double-digits and the wounded ones on high triple digits, including the maimed.

To add more things into the mix, it seemed that a blonde-haired lad had brought a note to Lance himself, the newly-stated leader of the P.M.D(Raymond's the CO-Leader, as instated by Adonis Springfield's will!) hoping to request a gathering at Fort Tintagil, the fortress of the legendary King Arthur, who may have been ancestored by Aphrodite of Cyprus(the immortal with many a secret to hide!) as Lance goes to spread word to all!

Every party member listed out by the players will be able to gain the letter, no matter where they are at or whom they are with, unless they are dead.
Once there, unless its for dealing with another crisis elsewhere or on a protection assignment, they must respond to the request as soon as they can, before the spiritual barrier of the high magic gets in place, and the fort's secrets destroyed.

Power(s):(Only add if you're not a mere human, unless you're a rager!)
Sexual Orientation:

I will introduce the first profiles, here, while everyone may wish to do the same.

Name:Johnathan 'Johnny' Snyder
Age: 18
Class: Soldier(Marine, to be precise!)
Weapon(s): The Sword of Triton(which grants capabilities on par with Pre-styx Perseus Jackson, at least!Also turns to a trident-shaped-amulet!), and a customized A.K-74-turned-Plasma-Assault-Rifle-Prototype!
Species: Mortal Humanoid enchanted to see Gods and Dementors
Sexual Orientation: Hetro
Location: With Mia Riktor, likely either at a sunny beach, an indoor pool in either of their houses, or in a room.
Bio: Johnny Snyder was always feeling quite underspoken, as he wanted to make his family quite proud of him, mostly so he can feel hopeful that he can see even another day, and now, he has to cope with his apparent newly-found desire to 'have fun times' with Mia, aware that doing so would just make her more alluring or more powerful(or both) than before.
To worsen all that, he suspects that despite the weaponry upgrades, the newer missions are getting more increasingly lethal than ever, as should it continue, they will border on suicide, as even the newly-granted port-key-infused goblin armor would be of no use, then.
When he gets the news, he will wind up telling Mia about it, and wish the news was just a bad joke rather than new orders.
Personality: A Type B male equivalent of a Tsundere who is normally tactical in fighting.

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