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My story: Blood Feud Empty My story: Blood Feud

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Chapter 1

Sleeping on any typical school night—or should I say morning, since my school ran on a nocturnal schedule—I was dreaming of this wonderful looking garden with flowers I didn’t know the names of. Well, at first that’s what I was dreaming of, when suddenly, I was dragged away from the beautiful sight into a plain field that looked like it could stretch on forever.

I was walking, no…running. And it seemed like I couldn’t get away fast enough. Slowly, things around me shifted, and I sighted a big pool of water. I looked at both sides of the lake, trying to find a way around it. Nothing. Out of no where, an earsplitting howl cut through the space around and I turned back to see a big gray wolf running toward me about fifty yards away.

After about a second passed, and I saw a whole pack emerge from behind the gray wolf, which seemed to be the leader. Another howl ripped through the darkness that surrounded me, and then, they were running toward me again. Without thinking, I turned around and jumped into the water…and started to drown.

I knew how to swim, but it was like I couldn’t move. Something held me down under, like a pressure was being exerted on my limbs, keeping me there. Only, there wasn’t anything holding me, no hands keeping me in the depths of dark, murky water. I was running out of air, I could feel it.

With all my might I clawed and kicked, trying to fight my way to the surface. I screamed, but all that accomplished was quickening the process of my small air supply left.

I jolted upright and sucked in big gulps of air, trying to get in as much oxygen as I could after I swung the lid of my bed open—or should I say coffin? My hair was matted to the sides of my face and neck, clinging there from the perspiration that had to have been the effect of that life-like dream—no, more like nightmare.

Slowing my breaths, I started to calm down somewhat…until I glanced at the clock. “It’s only five?!” the words escaped my lips before I could stop them, and Mel started to stir into consciousness.

“Raven, what’s going on?” She asked, her voice stifled before she opened her coffin lid and looked at me, slightly disoriented, and then, yawning and sitting up in her coffin next to mine with a nightstand between them, forming an isle. She looked at the clock and gasped. “Why are we up at five o’clock in the morning?” She asked me.

I looked down at my hands in my lap and pursed my lips. Feeling a little tickle in my head, I sighed and let her rummage through my mind. She took in a breath, and let it out slowly.

“Are you okay, Rave?” stupid question, really. I mean, I just practically died in a nightmare from being chased by wolves. And not just any wolves, werewolves.

I shook my head and curled up in my coffin. Sure, so I was scared, what did that matter? Yeah, I was going to have to fight werewolves in the future, didn’t mean I wasn’t scared for my life. But facing off with werewolves was what I was trained to do, what everyone in this school trained to do in the future.

So, remember how I said that my school was on a nocturnal schedule? Yeah, that’s because most of the people at this school were vampires. Yes, I said vampires. That’s what Melanie is. And before you ask, yes, she has fangs.

I’m Raven, and I’m an Impral. Half vampire and half human.

Vampires were fast, strong, and wielded an extra power; but in light of it all, they weren’t immortal, and could handle sunlight fairly well, but what really hurt them was silver in their system and lack of blood. Yeah, they ate regular food too, but they needed blood to survive. Imprals—being half of both races—got the best of both. Amazingly good reflexes, heightened senses, speed and agility, a sturdy immune system, and special powers from the vampire side; on the other hand, we could stay out in the sun and not get weak, resist silver in our blood stream—to a certain extent, since too much could poison even a human—and also, we were able to hide out better with humans than vampires since they were really pale.

But, there was one thing on earth trying to kill off both our races. And that, was werewolves.

Yep, no surprise there, huh? Oh well. See, us vampires and Imprals alike train to fight them. There’s this war between our races and the werewolves, in our history, we don’t remember how it started, only that werewolves traveled in packs and tried to kill off our race. Even the humans know about werewolves because they attack us in public, very rarely though. But they know nothing about vampires and Imprals, they suspect it, but they believe that the wolves hunt down humans because that’s just what it looks like in public.

From a very young age, Imprals and vampires are trained to fight werewolves and protect themselves. And even though vampires are strong enough to fight a werewolf on their own, that doesn’t mean they don’t need protectors to help out. Like I said earlier, we Imprals get the best of both races of human and vampire. And we’re trained to become protectors, because though vampires can fight, most do not want to. So that’s exactly what I plan on doing in the future: be Melanie’s protector.

See, Mel and I have known each other for years, she was always shy and impish, but she was strong and independent when it comes to popular topics. Because she’s the oldest out of everyone in her family, she stood out more.

Anyways, back to vampires. Like I said, we had an extra power, and in Mel’s case, she can read minds. So you can imagine how flustered I got when I felt a little tickle in my head. She can’t only read minds, but she can see into a person’s past also, whatever they thought or experienced in the past. That’s exactly what she was doing with me.

I sighed and waited until the tickle subsided and opened my eyes when I heard the shuffling of her feet coming towards my bed—coffin—and she sat on the edge of it. Slowly, she reached over and stroked my hair out of my face while I stayed curled up. She sighed and started humming a song that we both liked. Her voice was beautiful, she never thought so, but most people around us thought she was an angel. With her mouse brown hair, sapphire blue eyes, pale skin and slightly rosy colored cheeks and lips, she was gorgeous. And the way her voice rang, you’d think she was a goddess or something.

Slowly, I calmed down a bit, and as she noticed the change in my thoughts and emotions, she hummed the song to a close and then she looked back down at me. “Better?” She asked, smiling slightly without showing her teeth. Most vampires were careful about smiling and talking, they were trained to so that when they were out in the human world, they wouldn’t suspect a thing. But every so often, there were a group of rogue people who found out about our races and tried to hunt us down. That’s also the reason why we trained so hard, because our races were endangered by a lot of things. Mostly by werewolves though.

After about an hour, Mel and I decided to get ready for school. By the time we were done, it was already eight o’clock. Deciding it was finally time we leave; we left the house and walked to the bus stop without eating breakfast.

We were about five feet away from the cafeteria at school when someone slumped their arm around me. I didn’t have to look to know who it was. James Sarcozy. He was one of the many novices in training to become a protector, also, one of my good friends.

“Hey there, Rave.” He said to me, then looked at Mel, “hi Mel.” He said curtly to her, then looked back at me. “Ready for summer break?” He asked.

"Hell yeah I am!" I said, looking earnestly at him. "Besides, I want to have fun before graduation.” Mel, James and I walked into the cafeteria and decided to get something to eat when Mel shook her head.

“I’m parched, Rave.” She said dragging me to the back of the cafeteria through these back doors and into a hallway that led to a little living area. There were multiple doors leading into rooms that held people inside that we called human donors since vampires and Imprals alike feed off of them. And yes, I said vampires and Imprals. Sure, we don’t have fangs all the time, they just hide until we turn sixteen. That’s when our canines grow and sharpen. We can control when our fangs are seen though, full fledged vampires on the other hand can’t.

Sometimes, out in the world, Imprals who aren’t raised by academies like McArthur tend to be more ravenous and uncontrollable. Once they turn sixteen, that’s when their fangs come in and the thirst kicks in. That’s what happens to Imprals that aren’t in a controlled environment, they turn into killers and they hunt down anything to satiate their thirst.

“Raven?” she asked again for what might have been the second time. Snapping out of my thoughts, I focused back on Mel.

“Sure, let’s go get something to drink.” I said and smiled at her because I was also feeling the slightest pang of thirst.

We were called up for one of the rooms on the far left and we walked in to find a middle-aged male feeder sitting there. Feeders are humans from the fringe of society that provides nourishment for us. Mel went first taking a little drink from him and then I let my fangs grow out and sunk my teeth into the side of his neck. When I was done, I retracted my fangs and smiled a little while we left the donor’s hallway.

After we were almost back to the front of the cafeteria, someone tapped my shoulder. I spun around, on guard because the touch was both familiar but unfamiliar. Standing before me and looking at me with an amused expression was Gregori Lefevre.

“Hey?” I said as a question, mostly because I was surprised and confused.

“Hi there, Raven. Nice to see you again,” he smiled at me and I gave him a smug expression. You see, Greg here was not only one of the other popular families in town, but he was also my ex (which is where he needed to stay for the sake of my sanity).
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