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Boot Camp For All! Empty Boot Camp For All!

Post by Javier Cross on Sat Oct 03, 2009 4:22 pm

While we are still setting up the other R.Ps, i decided to take the liberty of setting up the R.P, in which Cross was just sent to a Boot Camp, by a U.S military group that is also helping to protect the many worlds within our own, as they had sent a letter for the L.E.Ps consent to help teach Cross how to lead a whole platoon to kombat situations, since the Military were far too behind to drill Cross in such matters, due to fighting wars on all fronts, in all worlds, as they were doing.

R.P party options won't limit themselves to merely Magically-gifted Humans or Demi-Gods, as the players may even have the options to even play the L.E.P fairies and their mystical kindred, as well, along with playing Potter-World witches and Wizards, if they wish for it, seeing as it's fitting, since Cross's mother happened to be a Pure-Blooded witch, as well.

Also sent with Cross to attend Boot Camp would be the likes of Cress and a few of his friends, as they would carry on their own motivations to attend Boot Camp, but it is hinted that it may involve preparation for Dark Forces that the party must later engage, in life, after Boot Camp.

Each party member would have their own reasons for attending the camp, all of which, should they pass the trials, would involve the party understanding things about themselves that they never realized!

Now, let the Profiles begin, for real!

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