Cirque Du Freak/Cross-over Recruit!

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Cirque Du Freak/Cross-over Recruit! Empty Cirque Du Freak/Cross-over Recruit!

Post by Javier Cross on Mon Oct 19, 2009 9:25 pm

This isn't just another Cross-Over R.P i planned to set up, with help from a few volunteers...instead, i shall make this one a bit more...unique, anyone?

As usual, you can choose between Humans, Demi-Gods, and Vampires and Half-Vampires...but unlike the recent recruit threads, this R.P will be the 1st one to outrightly state you can use the Little People, if you wish to do so!

The Were-wolves and Fairies may be used, later on, but for now, just stick with the basic Name, Species, Gender, Bio, Personality, Appearance, and Weapons, during profile-making!

As for the story and plot, simply put...many groups from the many worlds are invited to the Cirque Du Freak, from invitations meant specifically for them, and brought to them by their allies and leaders, alike, as they all travel in groups, with each of the group leaders responsible for bringing in the messages vital to the planet's ultimate survival, along with that of the rest of the galaxy's!
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